Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Not So Warm Days of Summer

July 6. You would think that July would be a good time to plan playing in the wading pool for the FHE activity. You would be wrong. The kids were really looking forward to it so we went ahead even though it was cold, windy, started raining and even lead to a thunderstorm. They made a valiant effort to play in the water, but eventually brought their goose-bumped little bodies inside to dress in warm pj's and drink hot chocolate. In July. Geesh.In the video I especially love Livi sucking in her tummy because she is cold!

Our 4th of July Celebration (kind of)

We were so lucky to have most of Eric's side of the family come visit over the 4th of July weekend (except Jared who thought a the first days of a new job were more important). The actual forth of July was a little crazy. Not only was it on a Sunday, but produced torrential rain all evening. We kept waiting, hoping we could do some fireworks, and eventually (1 1/2 hours after bedtime) we were able to run out and get a few to light. Everyone huddled on the porch to stay out of the drizzle of rain that persisted while Eric and his brothers Ryan and Kyle braved the wetness to put on a show for the kids. Luckily we were all blessed to be able to see this performance below that will forever be seared into my brain:

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Exiled to Wildcat Hills

A couple of weeks ago we were kicked out of the house for a showing and we went up to the Wildcat Hills Nature Center. They have a very cute display talking about pollination and how bees, butterflies, and birds help out plants. The kids had a great time, and I laughed A LOT!