Saturday, June 14, 2014

Journal Maxwell

Eric got addicted to The Walking Dead.  He would watch it while loading the dishes, while waiting for Livi to fall asleep, and basically any second he could get it on his phone before I got exasperated.   He always had headphones on and was pretty careful the kids never saw it, but one day Ethan glimpsed over his shoulder and exclaimed "Dad, what are you watching!"  Livi, without missing a beat, replied "Journal Maxwell."  We all thought is was hilarious and now "Journal Maxwell" has taken on a life of it's own.
This is only the beginning,  They have created their own story and theme song.

Friday, June 13, 2014

They Keep Getting Taller

Is anyone surprised my daughter is the tallest in the classes by a large margin? 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Easter Surprise (Not to me, I called it)

I was a little worried about Tonks eating treats left out by the Easter Bunny.  Eric assured me she was fine, she wouldn't touch any eggs, so there was no reason to lock her in our room at night.  We woke up to 5 stolen, open, and eaten plastic eggs.  All filled with tiny doggy poison, chocolate.  Tonks got to spend Easter morning in the dreaded doggy prison, the shower. 
Of course she was fine.  Some Yorkies die after a single chocolate chip, but not our dog.  We should rename her Eustache Dogger, because she is the dog with the iron stomach.
We tried painting eggs this year instead of the traditional dyeing.  It was fun, but just as messy.
The Living Room is where we have our egg hunt after the treasure hunt through the rest of the house.
The spoils of the day:
Showing off our special Easter clothes.  I forgot about Easter dresses until the day before.  Luckily with coupons and store 50% off specials we were able to get the girl's dresses and Ethan's tie for less than $20 EACH!!!

Ella took a pretty good picture of me and Eric.
(good because I like how I look.  I'm not sure if Eric likes it, but I don't even want to ask.  There are very few good ones of me out there!)

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Best Marketing Ever

Why I love the bakery's bags:  They don't order me around in a "HAVE A DOUGHNUT" type way.  They aren't ambiguous in their design with just a plain doughnut on them (am I suppose to eat it, or admire it?).  They aren't plain, making people wonder if I have drugs, liquor, or pokemon cards in the bag.  They reach me in just the right way, soothing the part of me that drove me to the bakery in the first place.
Well played bakery.  Well played.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Static Electricity at work

Livi got some balloons in the Easter spoils from preschool.  She asked me to blow them up and I showed her how they would stick to her hair if we rubbed them on her head first.  She LOVED it...
She made me blow up more:
She stuck them to me:
She stuck them to the window:
And then she created the world's weirdest censoring art project:

Monday, June 9, 2014

This was the email I got from some church publication:

I know what they meant, but it also looks like it is telling you that their recipes are so good, they are worth dying for so your loved ones can eat the magical potatoes.  Maybe I'm the only one that sees the inappropriateness of the headline.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Livi and the Peppered Pig

Every night before bed Livi gets to watch 2 videos after reading books. It is a bad habit Eric started (passing the bad parent buck), but it has survived because she loves it. On The Bright Side, they are short 3 minute videos, either the new Mickey Mouse shorts, or clips of songs from Glee, but her latest love is to watch the short videos called "Peppa Pig." They are British, they are about animals that are all the same size (seriously, the chickens are the same size as the zebras), and she finds them absolutely hilarious.