Friday, February 26, 2010

Happiness is a Warm Lap

Livi is getting to that "wonderful" stage when she wants to do EVERYTHING herself. I've always enjoyed giving her a bottle because it is the only time of the day she will actually sit still and cuddle. I was so sad when a couple of weeks ago she started taking the bottle from me and feeding herself. Luckily she still wants a nice lap to sit on while she enjoys her "leche."

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Darker Side of a 4 Year Old Mind, or Just Optimistic?

We were in the car on the way to Ethan's parent teacher conference when Ethan started asking about Heaven. He said "I want to know what Heaven looks like." Ella answered in a cheerful voice, "Don't worry, you'll know soon!"

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Do You See What I See?

I was at Ella's preschool today to help with their castle pretend play area. Livi and I were spending the time while the kids were singing their songs playing with the little doll house Mrs Hessler has in the room. This is a very cute 1950's era doll house, just like my Grandma Donna has. The figures are little plastic replicas that say "mother," "father," "little sister," etc. Imagine my suprise when I was lining up the figures and I found this one. Is it just me or is this a naked woman with just a towel around her waist. Her expression tells me that she was just as surprised as I was! I felt a little badly when Mrs. Hessler asked what I was taking pictures of and I showed her the figurine. She was aghast that the kids could have been playing with it. I don't know. Maybe I am seeing things that aren't there. Maybe it is a very cold woman, running in a skirt, with no shoes on, who just stepped on a tack and that is why she is making that face. Could be...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bucket Head

I guess if my head fit in this bucket I might consider wearing it as a hat too!

Monday, February 22, 2010

3 Ways to Bowl, or Oh My Gosh, How are These My Kids

Now I like bowling, it's not my favorite past-time, but every once in a while I think it is "good fun" (yes, I turned into a stodgy 1960's old man). For all the enjoyment bowling has given me I have never had any of the reactions my kids displayed this last trip bowling:

I guess Ethan is in the "I could care less" category. I know his rolls were a little slow, but to just turn your back and enjoy a candy while waiting shows a real lack of enjoyment.

Ella falls into the "SO Very Competitive" category. She would run up, get in position, and if she knocked down less than 5 pins was upset.

Livi falls into more of the "I can't believe you get to throw things for fun" category. Listen for the laugh, it's faint, but there!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

7 Layer Dinner and the "Look"

I haven't had 7 layer bean dip in a while, and was missing it. I always relate 7 layer bean dip with my favorite roomie, Laurel. Laurel understood the appeal. Eric, not so much. I laid the bean dip (made entirely from scratch, even the refried beans) on the counter and called everyone to dinner. Eric is not a big talker, and he knows better than to complain about something I actually cooked, but he gave me a "look". This "look" said more than Eric had said aloud to me all day. The "look" said:
"Bean dip for dinner? Are you kidding me? Bean dip is not a meal, it is a side dish! Where is the real food?"
I felt a little cowed by the "look" I hurried and pulled a pineapple from the fridge and cut it up. In that moment, the "look" made me miss Laurel. Laurel understood bean dip for dinner. It has protein (beans), veggies, dairy, carbs (chips). What is missing? Laurel was also good at understanding doughnuts for dinner, cupcakes for dinner and cinnamon bears for dinner. Laurel I miss you!

Friday, February 19, 2010


I know it's mean, but when Livi got in the diaper box and got stuck, I didn't run to her aid. It was just so funny I grabbed the camera instead. It won't put me in the Mom-of-the-Year running, but I do have these funny pictures and video to share. Worth it!

Here Comes The Bride

What a fast, fun, amazing weekend. After Julia announced she was engaged on Sunday, decided to go wedding dress shopping on that Saturday, so on Wednesday I decided I wanted to be there. I only have one little sister, and she would only pick out a wedding dress once, so I wanted to be there. My wonderful friend Melissa watched the girls Friday afternoon so I could leave a little earlier, so I got to Provo Friday evening, spent all day Saturday going from dress shop to dress shop, and had a wonderful time. We found the most amazing dress ever for her that made me cry seeing her in it. It is soooo Grace Kelly and she is the perfect everything for the dress. I am not posting the picture, (who knows, her fiance, McKay, may be as addicted to my blog as my Mom and Joan are) but I am putting some of the wonderful, but not perfect dresses she considered. The trip was too short, but I did get to listen to some great books in the car, and it's amazing how the trip took 2 hours less when I didn't have little kids (or a husband :) ) in the car with me!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

6 Kids, 2 Parents, and a Dog

We were lucky enough to have the Bagley kids spend the night at the beginning of the month while Melissa and Chad went to celebrate Melissa's birthday. From Friday afternoon to Saturday night we had 3 sets of twins and a dog. It was TOTALLY AWESOME! (imagine the hamster from "Bolt" saying that) The older kids were pretty self sustained. They would run off and play with their partner and resurfaces when they needed something. Carter and Livi were so much fun. Eric and I were able to each take a baby and so it was completely manageable. Friday night was interesting. It was a first sleepover for all our kids, so we had some excited kids on our hands. They are all such good kids though, that all it took was me sitting in the room for 5 minutes (and interrupting the block city that was being built) for the girls to drop off to sleep, and boys just needed a few reminders (really, how can you interrupt such funny conversations). Saturday we had fun going to McDonalds, making Valentine's cookies, watching Monsters vs. Aliens, and just playing with friends! At the end I'm not sure who was more excited to see Melissa, Carter or Bentley, the dog. Speaking of Bentley, it was SOOOOOOO fun to have a dog on loan. Sunday morning I woke up and missed having the cute little bundle around my feet and on my lap. Even Ethan ran up stairs, looked around and remarked "Where is Bentley?"Here are a couple of random pictures: Me with Livi, who wanted to sit on my lap and read a book, and Bentley who wanted to sit on my lap and eat the book. Carter loved all the necklaces around the house. I swear I would take one off of him, turn around for a second, and he would have found another. I never let them stay on, but I had to get a picture of how happy he looked wearing the "pirate treasure."Eric loved having the warm little body to nap with. Notice where Bentley is and where Ethan is. They are BESIDE each other Yeah, progress! Now here is one of my all time favorite videos. Eric was playing with the babies (they are only 4 weeks apart) and they LOVED it.
Thank you Bagleys, we had a great time!