Sunday, July 29, 2012

The D@#& Boat

Have you ever put off laundry so long the mountain of clothes before you is so intimidating you don't know where to start?  Hmmm, okay, me neither ha ha.  Well, I've been gone for so long I am now just getting to the backlog of pictures and memories.  This was a pretty awesome/hilarious trip, so I have lots of little memories I want to record.  Because I cannot be faced with this amount of work without immediately procrastinating, I am going to skip 95% of what I have to do and go directly to my experience with the "d@#& boat."

My siblings and I are all married and the inevitable hoards of kids are starting to follow.  It makes for a tight fit at the cabin, so my parents are remodeling/adding on so we can continue to all go at the same time, and I can continue to enrage/make cry/annoy my siblings.  Because the workers need the garage for power tools (and half the garage was rotted) the boat was going to be put in storage for the winter, which in Canada is basically Aug-May.  Dad offered to let us take the boat instead, and knowing my husband would die of happiness, I agreed to this plan.

What I hadn't really thought through was the fact I would be driving A BOAT across the country, with 3 little kids, by MYSELF!!!  By the time it came to tow the boat down to Idaho (long story) I was starting to think of it as the "stupid boat."  When we got to Idaho to meet Eric so he could help drive it had become the "dang boat."  By the 105th time we had to stop because of various straps flapping/weird noises/electrical checks or to fill up the incredibly shrinking gas tank, it had moved into "d@#& boat" territory.

Sitting in the drive-way, the boat had done nothing to change my mind, until yesterday Eric suggested we take the boat up to the lake.  It was a scorchingly hot day and I was so tired from yard work that being on the lake sounded good so we packed everything up and went boating.

I love the dang boat.