Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Quick Recap, or I've Been Lazy

Things have been a little busy with Halloween coming up and costumes to be stressed over so here is a quick recap before I forget:

I got called as the Primary Activity Day Leader and my first thing as leader was to take all the girls to Cheyenne for a stake activity.  It was fun, but oh so loud.

Ethan went to a sleep over where THEY DID NOT SLEEP.  At all.  Not one minute.  He was pretty tired by dinner time the next day,

A client asked if we wanted "some" tomatoes.  This is what we got (soda can for scale):

Ella has excelled so much in school this year!  She was so far ahead in math her teacher made her, her own sheets for "1 minute math" that are harder and contain 20 extra problems (She even named them "Ella Sheets"). Thank goodness for good teachers that will accommodate smart kids too!

Ethan had to do a report on a foreign country.  Being a big Dr Who fan he picked The United Kingdom.  We tried to think of a traditional British treat to take and since I didn't want to make blood pudding I bought something else online.  Nothing says England like Digestives at tea time!  As a side note they taste remarkably like graham crackers.

Livi's preschool got to go to Perkins for National Pancake Day.  It was kind of amazing.

Livi put a napkin around her neck and said "Look Mom, an ascot," a true sign we have been watching too much Scooby Doo.

Part of Ethan's costume came and Livi LOVES it.  I have to keep taking it away from her...
and Elmo.

An amazing day on a walk with my two babies.

We already had snow and Livi made a Snow Owl, because Snowmen are lame.