Tuesday, February 4, 2014

ODF or Overly Dramatic Female, plus Christmas Break Part 1

Olivia is a charming, fun, silly, wonderful little girl.  She tends to feel things strongly and wear her feelings on her face (I don't know where she gets it from).  Here are a few high (feeling) points from the trip:

Eric was using his teeth to light a match (because what self respecting former boyscout lights a match using the box when they have zippers, teeth, walls, or anything else that is not in any way associated with matches?).  Livi was very scared he was going to get hurt by the fire that would inevitably come shooting out of the tiny wooden stick and let us know

Every Christmas Eve the kids get to open one pre-marked gift that always ends up being pajamas.  Everyone was very happy with their new p.j.'s...
...until Livi tried hers on.  The pants were too long for her liking.
So she hid in a little alcove while the rest of us read Luke chapter 2.
I don't even know why she was mad this time.  She was playing golf with the other kids, Aunt Cheryl and Grandma Joan when Cheryl asked them for a picture.  Livi was less than willing.
Ethan is an enigma, we never know what is going on in his head.  Ella is sweet and has a hard time asking for anything she thinks might be a bother for anyone else.  Livi, well...we always know what she wants and where we stand with her.  Life with Livi is anything but boring!

Onto happier moments in our trip:
Eric was actually able to go with us to Disneyland, and Dad was able to go the entire day!  It was such a fun change to have the men there, especially for things like going on Tower of Terror...
and beating them soundly at Toy Story!  Woot Woot I got the high score out of EVERYONE!!! (ok, just our group, but still).

Our group on Splash Mountain.  Livi is covered by Ella's head and a random lady is in the middle, but still a cute picture.  On a fun note (for me) my shirt was a big hit.  I had 13 random strangers come up to me to tell me they liked my shirt.  It was a lot of fun to meet so many Whovians and get their approval!
Livi and I stayed off of Indian Jones while the rest of the group used their fast passes.  We got her a sucker and when I told her, her tongue was green she immediately had me take 10 pictures so she could see it from all sorts of angles.
On a VERY cool note, since Livi and I didn't go on the ride we had two extra fast passes.  Christmas is always SUPER crowded and the wait for the regular line was over 90 minutes.  It was such a little thing for us, but saving someone 90 minutes when this is probably their one trip to Disneyland can be a big thing for someone else. My dad found a young couple at the back of the line and asked if  they wanted to use the extra passes.  They thanked us effusively and the man made sure to shake Dad's hand. They were so excited and happy it was heart warming.

Eric feeding the kids like baby birds (they didn't want to share germs on the water bottle).
Mom really wanted to see "Mickey's Magical Map," which was a fun Broadway style show.  The girls loved the songs, and dancing and the rest of us enjoyed sitting down!
Livi also FINALLY got her Jessie doll.  For the last year she has asked, every single time we got off the Toy Story ride, for a Jessie doll.  We would go over, look at her, pull the string and listen to her, but eventually put her back and move on.  She has talked about her constantly at home, drawn pictures of her, and finally, finally someone (Grandma) made her dream come true.
I was afraid it was a flash in the pan toy.  One that would soon be left with the others, never to be played with.  I was SOOOOOOooooooo wrong.  Jessie is still sleeping with Livi, with her hat on the bookcase right next to the bed.  She has gone to church with us, gone to pick up kids, been to tea parties, shopped at made up accessory stores, and been read book after book.  It reminds me so much of the toys on the movie it makes me tear up if I think too much about it.  Her only complaint is that the doll has "Andy" written on her foot instead of "Livi."  I may have to break out the paint and rectify that soon.