Friday, September 28, 2012

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! or Ethan Tries A New Sport

The scariest thing I have seen as a parent:

When we signed up Ethan up for football we thought it would be safe, they said it was flag football.  I was thinking, "Ok, flag football.  No one gets hurt, they run around, lots of fun."  Then they told us we had to rent pads.  "Wait...what?  Why do they need pads in flag football?" I thought. Well, Ethan had his first game last weekend.  It was truly the scariest thing I have had to watch as a parent.  I think they call it Flag football for insurance reasons, because those flags seem to be merely decorative.  They were definitely blocking, making plays, and tackling like real football.  I guess this is Nebraska and we do take our football seriously.

Look at these boys.  Ethan is not the tallest, and they all seem to have 10-20lbs (or more) on him!  Watching the game was awful.  He was knocked straight over like a plank of wood twice! He did actually start to get into it more as the game went on, and he said he had a good time.  Tomorrow is another game, so we'll see what he says after that...

Ethan is the one closest to the camera in the line. It is definitely not an awe inspiring performance, but he wasn't being physically assaulted so I thought I would add it on here.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I'm Not Sure How I Should Feel About This...

This was at the roller skating rink, with lots of kids and parents all around.  Olivia has no fear of an audience, that is for sure.

Monday, September 17, 2012

A Dog and Her Boy

It is so weird that this is the same boy who a few years ago hid on my parents counter, and behind couch cushions to avoid the nicest dog in the world (Casey).  The child we had to give away a dog for.  Now when Ethan comes home from school he wrestles Tonks and plays fetch.  She trots around after him wherever he goes.  She knows he is her boy and she loves him. Even better, he loves her too.
On a recent camping trip

In the car at a car wash.  He was her go-to for comfort. The video below is her reaction to the horrible, evil car wash.  Poor thing, but it made me laugh.  I'm bad that way.

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Eric was gone A LOT for a couple of weeks.  He was gone more than he was here, and I would be concerned he had a second family, except the poor man has me to deal with here, and I doubt he wants to have 2 women to placate!  I was feeling the strain with having him gone and started looking for anything to keep the kids occupied.  We rented lots of Redbox movies.  We strolled around Walmart.  We made cookie dough and ate it raw.  We even went to the gas station to get treats (I don't know why it is more fun at a gas station than a grocery store, but the kids assure me that it is).  And as always, Sonic was a fun pit stop after school with the kids.

Yes, I am a crazy dog lady.  Tonics got her own water on an especially hot day.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

I've Been Pink Slipped

For some reason my kids are obsessed with Post-It Notes.  I bought the girls each a pack of pink Post-Its as a "special treat" (aka cheap item to stop them whining about buying toys) and next thing I know my house is looking like we cut down all the Truffula Trees.

Ella's notes were EVERYWHERE.  Most had questions for us, sometimes relating to the place she put them, some seemingly at random.  Some were social commentary, and some were philosophical.

Livi's post-its were more colorful (literally, not in social commentary or language)
This one reads "Ethan do you wish you had a brother? Sincerely Ella"
This says "Mom you are the best cleaner.  Love Ella" (poor delusional girl).
Some others I liked:
"Dad how much money do you make?  Is it a lot?"
"Dad do you like being funny, you are so funny."
"Mom likes chocolate."
"The sun is bright in the sky."

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Down By The Bay...or the really gross lake

A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to go with the Bagleys to Lake Minatare.  It has been drought conditions here, so the lake was a little lower and...stinkier than usual, but it was still a great time.

Eric and Chad took the kids out in shifts to ride around the lake.

While the  big kids took their turn on the boat Livi, Carter and McKay played in the murky water while Melissa and I tried to keep them away from the grosser sections of the shore.
Livi loved all the frolicking, but Carter got a little chilly.

How many adults does it take to start a fire?  3 adults, 2 of which are Scout leaders, and 2 wind blocks (one of which is the very manly princess towel around Eric's legs).

Our happy group enjoying hot dogs and S'mores roasted on the (eventually) roaring fire.

Monday, September 10, 2012


I have been struggling a lit bit lately.  I was watching So You Think You Can Dance with my girls and they were doing "the best of Mia Michaels" (we are a little behind).  There is one dance she choreographed that I remembered LOVING a couple of years ago, and tonight it really touched me.  The dance is originally about drug addiction, but as I watched it I saw my struggle with depression and anxiety personified.  The dance is beautiful and sad, but at the end she has the strength to walk away.  I hope someday I am better and I can do that too. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Little Love's Firsts, and I give to you: Mini Zoolander

Two days packed of lots of "first" for Livi.  First day of preschool and dance classes, and we have the hammed up, most posed pictures to prove it.  I thought no one would have a pose better than Zoolander or Ella, but I give to you "The Sweetie":
Her signature pose...

At her cubby at school...

With Carter after school...

I told them to give me their best poses.
Showing off her special dance outfit.

Not a pose, but showing me the cute apple with "worm" (her finger)
I was seeing a pattern as I took the photos.  I either have two girly girls, or two aspiring models, and either way I'm worried.  I dread the year 2020!

Monday, September 3, 2012

First Day of School Plus I'm Procrastinating My Procrastinating By Doing A GIVEAWAY - but you have to earn it.

The first day of school, it couldn't come fast enough, but came much too quickly at the same time.
The sun was pretty bright, hence the tiny eyes.  Both kids got to pick out their new outfit to wear on the first day.

Ella wanted lots of pink, of course, and insisted on me curling her hair.

Ella and Maddi. Every year I think the height difference gets bigger!

Ethan and Caleb.  Caleb was a good sport but Ethan was being such a pill it took several tries to get a picture where he looked like a sane human being.

America's education system at work.  Livi and I went to Sonic to get treats, so she would stop crying about missing her siblings.  I had to laugh and the wonderful sign they put up.  I'm not great with the English language, but you would think a manager would try a little harder.

It was such an emotional day with the kids going to school, returning to the gym, playing with friends, etc that Livi actually took a nap.  It was awesome!
I've been procrastinating lots of things (like cleaning, scouts, dieting) by working on Halloween costumes.  I have made some real progress, but got a little overwhelmed when I went to embroider on Ella's vest and my embroidery floss was all tangled.  I ended up organizing all those supplies and thought "Wow, I don't have enough going on.  I want to make a cross stitch of something totally geeky and awesome...maybe something for Christmas."  So I started on this:
It is a work in progress so ten points if you can tell what it is. I want to have a little geeky decoration I can change with the holidays. Another ten points for each idea if you can think of, of Doctor Who ideas for Saint Patrick's Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, or any other holiday.  I'll give 7 points for every non Dr Who geeky idea for holidays (because I love to be random).  Whoever gets the most points can use those points to commission their very own geeky awesomeness or to tell me "oh...gee...thanks...but I really would LOVE to have one of your very...unique...creations, but I'm sure you have other things you need to be doing."