Monday, January 20, 2014

Trying to Stay Motivated... ok... kind of trying to stay motivated

For some reason (a long, wonderful break in sunny California), I find it very hard to stay motivated right now. Everything seems so insurmountable. The dishes seem like alps I have to climb wearing Teva sandals, and my carpet seems like a field of wheat I will never get harvested because all I have are nail clippers (okay not a perfect analogy, but I'm too unmotivated to even think of a proper one).

I have been trying to find little ways I can motivate myself. The problem is I am started not caring. After the 5,000,000th load of laundry, 12,000,000th load of dishes, or clearing the counter for the 150,000,000,000th time I tried listening to funny pod casts while I cleaned, but then we all got sick and even the humor wasn't enough to get me to do more than the laundry that was building up. Looking around my house I realized that I had two choices: continue not caring and die buried beneath papers brought home from school, and Pokemon cards; or find something to get me going.  Haven't found it yet, but hopefully something will pop up.

 Blogging has been a little of the same. There is too much I haven't gotten to that I have been avoiding it. So, I'm going to break it into manageable pieces and try. If I don't do it now, memories of the little things will get lost, and that would only make things worse.

*Little Snippets*
 For some reason I thought I should help with the 12 days of Christmas for the teachers at the school. The kids saw me getting out ingredients for sugar cookies and asked, very nicely, if I would make some for their classes too. Interesting fact: Icing over 120 sugar cookies can make your wrist hurt. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

I bought the kids a fun little treat of Lindt chocolate bears, or at least I thought it would be fun. Turns out we were all sorely mislead and the bears were hollow, which lead to much howling and gnashing of teeth. The kids weren't too happy either. Turns out we may not have been the only ones to be surprised. I saw this the next day at Walgreens:

When I stopped our newspaper for the holiday break I had to fill out a form online. This is a FORM that our NEWSPAPER created for people to fill out. I didn't type in anything, just picked from their selections. Someone, at a NEWSPAPER didn't think to maybe, I don't know, edit, their form (hint, look at last few words):

Because it was December I had to keep with tradition and make sure one of my hands was unusable. While cleaning a pasta maker I cut my finger tip almost all the way off. I'll admit it was not as obscure as homemade marshmallows, but it was unbelievably painful, and a little bit cool to look at. Luckily I have friends in high places who have access to sophisticated medical equipment, (my best friend's hubby had liquid stitch).

 Also, I found these. They made me laugh out loud in the middle of Target and people looked at me like I was crazy. I love that feeling, because I secretly know they are right, and they can only guess at it.