Thursday, April 29, 2010

Because Life Wasn't Crazy Enough...

So, it has been a crazy week. I have been trying to get the house ready to put on the market, I have been making my bridesmaids dress (that should have been cute, but with my weird body is turning more and more into a freak show), I've been packing for us to leave for California, and Eric is in Lincoln arguing in front of the Nebraska Supreme Court as I type this. It has been a crazy week, but I felt pretty on top of it...until yesterday morning.
Eric got up to leave early, it's a 6 hour drive to Lincoln, and called me into Livi's room. Poor baby, she had a rash ALL over her abdomen. We spent the morning going to the doctor and picking up various medicines. I guess she has a virus, a cold virus that has given her a runny nose, sore throat, and a body covered in the worst looking, probably worst feeling, rash ever. The doctor said this was just how the virus exhibited itself in her. She's about as contagious as a regular cold, and although the rash will get worse for a few days she will probably be fine in about a week. That would be great if my sister weren't getting married in 2 days! My poor baby will be puffy, red eyed, and sore all over, but at least she will have a beautiful princess dress to wear over the itchy red rash (on the bright side)!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

When Binkies Attack, or I Live to Make Julia Smile

I was making breakfast this morning (I know, amazing, but not what the story is about) when Ella decided Livi needed her blankie while eating sticky, syrupy french toast. I raced over and took the blankie from Livi not knowing that Ella had packaged the blankie like a dirty bomb, full of binkies. At least 4 binkies jumped out at me, trying desperately to wound me in some way (okay, so basically they fell down on my feet). I heroically fended off the maniacal binkies, but one made it past my defenses and landed with it's sharp (dull) plastic edge directly on the soft part where your toenail starts growing on your toe.
You may think it fortuitous that I had my camera on hand, but honestly I ran to get the camera because I couldn't stop laughing. It was so ridiculous to be beat up by a baby pacifier. Turns out that camera had a low battery and I had to head downstairs to get my digital SLR, leaving a trail of gore behind me (one or two drops of blood).
Here is the result from my heroic, albeit short, battle with the binkies:
No, that is not blood on my actual toenail, just a very bad manicure, the rest all over my toe is blood however. I like how Olivia is looking at the binkie like she can't believe the power she holds in her hands:

Monday, April 26, 2010

To Julia, To Help Her Smile

Julia is having a bad week (month) as we all do when we are stressed out with wedding things. Her dress had a major "issue" and thought she could use a funny story. To preface you must know that our family (Beesley family) calls gas from a body "pop-er" (Mom hated "fart") and Ella just got the movie "Barbie, Princess and the Pauper" today at Walmart, let the hilarity ensue:

Ethan giggling "Mom, tomorrow can I watch Princess and the Pauper?"
Me: "Why are you giggling?" (like I don't know!)
Ethan giggling: "Mom, what did the Pauper look like?"
Me, trying to ignore his gigles and make this a civilized conversation: "It looked like the other one but with brown hair."
Ethan: Holding his sides laughing so hard he can't talk
Me, chagrined: "You're thinking of a cloud of gas with brown hair, aren't you?"
Ethan, gasping for breath: "Yes!!!"
Eric: "If it has lots of hair is it a Hairy Pauper? (play on Harry Potter)."
Me: Rolling eyes and laughing so hard I can't respond.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

All You Need is a Little Chocolate and a Fuzzy Chick

Lately everything in my life seems to be upending. Everything stable seems in motion, and all the things I have looked forward to seem to be changing. I was feeling a little down this last week, for lots of reasons, but the icing on the cake was when the house I really wanted (yes, "the dump") was ripped away when the owner decided to declare bankruptcy before selling the house. I know, I have lots to be grateful for, but sometimes even the inconsequential adds up and starts to feel overwhelming. If you have had one of those weeks, please enjoy these videos, they are ones that have made me smile through it all.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Livi the Red Nosed Toddler, or This is What Sugar High Looks Like

Yep, this is what a sugar high looks like.
We spent a lot of Easter afternoon cleaning out our garage which means we found all sorts of "treasures." I opened a box I've had closed up since we moved from Provo (7 years ago) and found 2 barbies inside. One was a Sleeping Beauty collectors edition Barbie and the other is a BYU cheerleader Barbie my sister got for me. The girls descended on them like vultures on carrion, but poor Ethan felt a little left out. I searched the boxes and tried my best but for some reason he didn't think an old book mark, a recorder, or a book about Medieval maps were as good as the toys the girls got. Poor guy.
Speaking of sad things, Livi was so excited to get to play outside she tried going down the porch steps all by herself. She tripped and skidded across the carpet face first. The sweet little thing got a rug burn on her nose. She now looks remarkably like Rudolph.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter, or Something is Wrong With This Picture

Normally I think Easter morning is second only to Christmas as far as excitement goes, but when I am awake and ready to post the mornings activities and it is not 8:00 am yet, there is something definitely wrong with the picture. The kids were just a little too excited to get going, so goodbye morning snooze. We were up and at 'em around 6:30. Yick, that should not be allowed on a beautiful (when I say beautiful I mean the wonderful overcast days that only I seem to love) Sunday morning.
Enough of my tired tirade. Let's move on to the fun the kids had....
All three kids were running around with their Easter baskets this morning, and checking the front yard through the window to see if they could spy any eggs. We did get them to eat some healthy food for breakfast (if you count sugared cereal and eggo's as "healthy") before the festivities began. In our house the Easter Bunny left a treasure hunt with clues the kids had to follow to find some treats. This was our favorite clue that the Easter Bunny drew for us. Yes it is suppose to be Livi in her crib, it is not an alien in jail as it may appear.After the treasure hunt and the egg hunt outside the kids sat down to eat their spoils. Notice the concentration, the determination, the colored drool rolling down Livi's face.
I recorded it all for our parents, so most of you wont want to sit through watching my kids run around, but there is something ADORABLE about Livi running, floppy hair that Eric did yesterday, with a basket bigger than she is.
Quote of the morning: Eric told Ella we were having a "yummy Easter dinner." To which Ella replied totally serious "We're having candy for dinner?"

Below are the thumbnails for the videos. Just click on them and it will take you to my photobucket account. The images were taking too long to upload to blogger, sorry!



Friday, April 2, 2010

This Old Man, He Turned 31....

I can't believe Eric is 31. It seems like such a short time ago that we were angst ridden teenagers falling in love and looking forward to this time where we would be adults. Now we have 3 kids, a mortgage, responsibilities and lots of bills. I guess a lot can happen in those in-between years. I am just grateful that I have such a wonderful partner on this crazy ride. Happy Birthday Eric, I love you!Livi was very helpful with unwrapping gifts, but a little surprised that none of it was for her.

Eric wanted shepards pie, and cherry cheesecake for his meal (not at the same time, the cheesecake was dessert).
Poor Eric, for his birthday I took him to look at a house that I love, but that others have referred to as "the dump." He is so generous to spend his birthday doing things I want to do! (although we did spend Ethan's birthday going to Cabela's so I guess this is just payback in a way)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Crazy Woman in Our Kitchen

Eric was having a little too much fun this morning with "April Fools." He told Ella there was no more Ovaltine. He told me his trip to Lincoln next week was canceled (I'm still not sure if it is or isn't), and he told Ethan that Mr. Behnke called and everyone got the day off from school except Ethan. Ethan thought these were just hilarious and decided to do his own joke. He ran in our room and said "Mom, Dad, there is a woman in the kitchen making snow angels and smoking a cigarette." Hmmmmmm, maybe not the most believable, but definitely one of the more creative ones I've heard!From this morning. I wish I could say this isn't our typical breakfast scene, but that would be a lie.