Friday, September 24, 2010

And Then There Was One...

I can't believe it finally happened. I only have 1, one, uno, une, child at home during the day. School started 2 weeks ago, right after Labor Day (which I still can't figure out what it is celebrating. Workers? Women giving birth? I should probably look it up). Nebraska only has full day Kindergarten, so Livi and I are left to our own devices from 8:05 to 3:30 every Monday through Friday. Lonely? Yes. Awesome? Yes!
For those of you who don't know: WE MOVED!!! It was a horrible, and very long process, but we are finally in our new home. Because we moved the kids are going to a new school, Longfellow. Our friends, the Bagleys, go there, as well as several other friends that the kids already know. They had built in friends there, which was a far cry from what Ethan was dealing with at the last school. We are very excited, and both kids are loving Longfellow.
Here are some pictures from the first days of school. (Ella's Kindergarten split the first day of school into 3 so only 6 or 7 kids went each day, so they could get use to it) Ethan went on Tuesday and it was a super bright morning, hence the super squinting going on. Ella was so depressed that Ethan, Caleb, and her friend Maddi all started on the same day we had to go to the Bakery, pick out a movie, and paint nails to help her feel better (oh the teenage years are going to be fun).
Ella started on Wednesday. She wanted a curly ponytail, bracelets, a headband, and her special first day dress. Because of Grandma Joan's generosity Ella was able to buy 2 other new outfits, both with skirts, so to date she has worn a skirt or dress everyday but 2. I am soooooo not sure where that girl's personality came from! It's amazing. I know teachers aren't paid well, and schools in Nebraska don't provide a whole lot of money, but I do find it a little ridiculous spending $50-$100 just on school supplies that are needed on the first day of school (they give us a list).
So what do Livi and I do with our new found alone time? We go walking with her best friend "Tarter" (Carter), we go to Walmart and don't spend hours arguing over whether or not I am going to get her a toy, we play with toys, and of course, we go to the bakery:

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

She really IS my daughter!

It felt like a comedy of errors today. I forgot to buy milk and frozen waffles last time I went to the store, so we were out of breakfast foods (yep, that's our typical breakfast). The kids were begging all through our errands for various frivolous items (the Barbie Bedazzler, Really?) and threw fits when I didn't want to spend $40 on said items. I came home to find out we are definitely NOT going to make our closing on Friday, and it may even be another 10 days before we close because our loan officer and the other realtor haven't been doing things in a timely manner. This will leave us with only 1 day to move to the new house and clean this house, plus it will have to be a weekday. My sister thinks I used her trust and changed her blog background to a vomit theme (I would have done "Hello Kitty" if I were to change it, I do have some taste) and the kids complained about dinner (just chicken and strawberries, nothing weird). Because my day was hard (okay, not really, but it felt like it) I needed this moment: