Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mom and Dad Were Hiding This From Me

Livi has finally discovered the great outdoors. By great outdoors I mean our 8000 square foot lot, but when you are barely over 2 feet tall, that's a lot of space to explore. Last summer she was still a tiny baby, and all winter we were pretty snowed in, so now that Spring has sprung we have been spending more time playing in the yard. Livi screams every time we come in. The look on her face is accusatory almost as if she is saying "You have been keeping THIS from me! What the heck!). She is a natural swinger, holding on like a pro. I was trying to get some leaves raked up when I looked over and she had climbed the climbing wall side of the swing set and was sitting poised to go down the slide. She looked at me, almost like she was daring me, and as I started to run over to her she launched herself down the slide. She is only 17 months old, and she just went down like it was nothing. She rocketed off the end and landed on her bottom, but got up and laughed so hard I thought she would fall over again. Now it is all I can do to make sure she goes down safely, forget about actually getting something done outside!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Nothing says kidnapping and slavery like wearing green

So we were having a fun Saint Patrick's Day (confused about the title, look it up, he's not even Irish), and thought I would share some of our fun through pictures. Ella and I painted our fingernails green. Ella made sure everyone had green on their clothes. It was her own version of the "green police." We had lots of green food too: Green Naniamo Bars 7-Layer Jello with Green on top (thank you Melissa!). For dinner I made green crust for pizza. Ella loved all the green at the beginning of the day, but by the end was asking "why does everything always have to be green..." in a nice whiny voice. Poor Bell. They need a day when everything is Pink (Valentines doesn't count because there is too much red, according to Ella).

We Love Dad (but not Mom)

Maybe some day it wont hurt so much. Maybe one day my kids will like me as much, but until then Dad is the clear favorite. When Eric gets home everyone is happy. They race to the door, jump all over him, and beg for him to play. It's hard to be the parent that no one likes, that is in charge of most of the discipline, chores, and limiting of favorites (i.e. chocolate and tv) It's hard that Livi has been able to say "Dad" since she was 8 months old, but still at 17 months refuses to say "Mom." It's hard that the kids fight to have Eric read them their bedtime stories. But on the same hand it is so nice. It is nice that my kids love their dad. It is nice that Eric knows our kids. He knows their favorite colors, favorite characters, favorite animals, what they are scared of, what worries them. Not all kids are lucky to have dads like that, so maybe Eric is my favorite too.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Need a Good Laugh? Ethan to the Rescue

I was cleaning off my counter (I know, shocker) when I encountered some of Ethan's drawings that I had set aside. He is such a prolific drawer (I threw away about 100 pictures just from that last couple of days, I am a bad mom, but I just can't keep them all) but these were some I had really got a kick out of.
The first is a food store in the middle of the jungle. It is run by an ocelot and has food in bins at the bottom for bunnies, gerbils, and hamsters (yes, even gerbils in the jungle have to eat). In the middle of the store is the food for the carnivores, with bones and meat for their enjoyment. At the top is my favorite, a chalkboard with the specials of the day written on it. For this week the specials are: Sunday - Meat, Monday - Bones, Tuesday - Everything. Awesome!
The second picture is of the X-Men. Ethan was playing with a Wolverine toy he's had for a while and started asking about the other X-Men. He has an X-Men backpack so he knew a few, but he wanted to know more. He would ask about their hair and powers, and came up with there interpretations of them. From left: Beast, Jean Grey, Wolverine, Storm, Cyclops, and Professor X. The third picture is a scene that Ethan thought would happen in one of the X-Men movies. Storm and Wolverine are talking to Professor X. The 2nd frame at the bottom has Wolverine ask "Could we get some pe..pep...siep?" Ethan said he stuttered because he was nervous. I can just wee a nervous Wolverine asking for permission to get some Pepsi, can't you? (Don't know why Ethan is obsessed with Pepsi. We don't drink Pepsi, he's never had it, but for some reason whenever he talks about soda it is always Pepsi. He's even told people I love Pepsi, but I think he means root-beer. That's a great conversation at church!)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's Not Easy Being Lois Lane

Okay so I'm not a successful reporter, but some days I feel like the Lois Lane to Eric's Superman. I sit at home doing things that feel important, immersed in my own life, expecting him to pay attention and act like he is interested in the petty goings on, all the while he is out there saving the world. I'm sure Lois and Superman had conversations like ours:
Me: "Can you believe that Ethan is suppose to read 20 books this month. Every day he comes home and has to work on spelling and reading. When is he allowed to be a kid and run around? The bathroom is leaking again. I really wish you would look at that pipe again. I feel so lonely, why can't you throw the "conversation ball" back to me once in a while? I am so tired of playing the piano at church. My bottom hurts after sitting on a piano bench for 4 hours on Sunday, plus I hate practicing boring music all week long...etc. So, how was your day?"

Eric: "I was able to terminate the parental rights of some parents that had sexually abused their children, they were living in 2 ft of dog poo and the youngest child hadn't been bathed in 2 years. The judge was going to send them back home, but my well written brief convinced him to change his mind. My boss and the Attorney General of the State both called to tell me they were proud. Oh, and I was able to get them adopted by a neurosurgeon and his professor wife who is giving up teaching to give them a loving stable home. So tell me some more about practicing the piano."

Me: "Ummmmmmmmmm, never mind."

You may think I am exaggerating, but this is basically the balance of our conversations (and the Attorney General thing really happened). It's hard to complain about the little things when Eric sees so much worse and is literally changing children's lives. He may not get paid as much as some Skeezy ambulance chaser lawyers, but I doubt Clark Kent was rolling in dough either.
I've been trying to do things that I feel are a little more of a .... hmmmmm...... contribution to our society, however locally it may be. I had the opportunity to play the piano for some kids in our ward for our Middle School orchestra recital. I thought "great, culture in Scottsbluff." Well, our piece turned out well, the rest I may have had to look at the program to see what piece was playing, but it was fun to feel apart of something outside of my home. They may have spelled my name wrong, it may have only been for 2 minutes, and I may have hit some wrong notes, but I had a blast! (kind of sad, but there it is, I am Lois Lane).

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Here Come the Princess Girls

They came in the mail. Ella was so excited! Livi caught the feeling, the fever if you will. They both danced around on their toes as I opened the box, and as I pulled out the silky pink material they both squealed. Then I handed the dress to Ella and Livi collapsed on the floor in a puddle of screams. Luckily there was another, smaller dress in the box. After convincing Livi that the dress would be best put on with help (instead of her preferred method of shoving arm holes over her head) we had two ecstatic (that's a fancy word for happy) little princesses running around the house. It was not fun when I finally made them take off the dresses, and they have asked several times (well Ella asked, Livi points at it and then screams at me) if they can wear them again. I am trying to wait for Julia's wedding so the dresses still look nice, but we will see if my will or my eardrums win out.Here is what the dresses look like with my bridesmaid dress fabric.