Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Break Out The Diamonds, Livi's A Preschool Graduate

The title above refers to the ridiculous tradition here of getting kids gigantic gifts for graduating from the most basic of things. I only saw smaller things like balloons, toys, and candy at this one, but I fully expect bikes and clothes after Kindergarten.
Saying goodbye to Mrs. Freelove.  She moved to Texas just a few weeks later and we miss her!

Livi and Carter.  Looking at these pictures is a little bitter sweet.  The Bagleys have moved to Wyoming and we are all still coping.  Livi and Ella are especially having hard times since they had never been to school without their best friends.


Sharon said...

My mom thinks she deserves a pony!

Holly said...

Livi is so tall! Look at her bend over to be at the same level as others!

I don't know the Bagleys, but I've read enough to know you do LOTS with them. I'm sorry they moved.